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Workshop 1A and 2A

Topic:           Leadership - "The Leadership Brain" - Learning to Lead with the Brain in Mind
Facilitator:   Terry Small

The leadership session will focus on what leaders need to know about the brain. It flows out of this premise:

The brain has everything to do with who we are and what we do, and leadership is all about influencing who we are and what we do.

Ninety percent of what we know about the brain has been learned in the last 2 years.

  •        How can you use the growing body of research on the brain to become a more effective leader?
  •        Why does the brain resist change that prevents new ideas from being accepted?
  •        How do thinking habits influence our actions, especially with problem solving and conflict resolution? 

Come and hear what Terry Small, a leader in the field of translating brain research into practice, has to say about brain engagement and learning to lead with the brain in mind. Learn to lead yourself and your team more effectively!

The outline will include:

Leading from the Mind’s Eye

  • Rewiring your brain for leadership
  • Leading self and others at the edge
  • The science of peak performance
  • The science of not being boring
  • Creating influence through an understanding of the brain
  • The incredible importance of being a secure base and building trust
  • What the amazing discovery of mirror neurons means for leaders and their teams
  • The importance of bonding
  • Understanding that the person in never the problem


Workshop 1B and 2B

Topic:         Presentation Skills
Facilitator:   Geoffrey Lane

Presentation Power

Hear about the 4 key elements anyone can use to improve their public speaking and presentations.  Learn how and why master orators use them so effectively.

Why Now …

As a leader being able to communicate at meetings, presentations and at public forums has never been as fraught with risk as it is today during the challenging economic cycle we find ourselves in.  Learn the strategies that Geoffrey used to help win a Winter Olympic Bid for Canada and why he is still winning today.

Your communication skills matters to your business –

Research has shown that effective communication is a key tool to improving your business bottom line.  When asked, clients have stated that effective communication has led to increased productivity, improved perceptions with management and employees as well as strengthened performance for their organization.

“An estimated 1.5 million presentations are given daily.  The majority of those presentations are ineffective, sleep-inducing, confusing and killing productivity” – Canadian Business Magazine

What Will You Learn …

  • What the 13 critical mistakes most presenters make
  • 4 keys to powerful presentations
  • To relax into your natural style
  • Learn the secret to influence any audience
  • Three critical questions to ask yourself

Listen to an expert who reveals what goes into coaching a public figure in oratory skill.  Learn from the coach of the successful Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid team in Prague.  A tell it like it is speaker who uses humour, experience, and anecdotes to inform and entertain.

Workshop 1C and 2C

Topic:           Creativity and Innovation
Facilitator:    Ian Rosenfeldt

The Creativity Equation

(Yes, math can help us be more creative!) 

If you were challenged to be more creative, how would you respond? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple and effective method of guiding your own thinking to produce more creative results, despite working with constraints?

Everyone has the ability to develop his or her own creativity. In this workshop we are going to unpack an equation that represents a different way of defining creativity. We will examine it in a compelling way that will enable you to develop your own creative thinking in both personal and professional ways. We will augment this equation with effective tools that allow us to become better thinkers, and doers.

When you check out The Creativity Equation, you will take away these three things:

  • You will have a better understanding of the neuroscience that influences creativity in the environments in which we work. 
  • You will understand how language can influence our own creative thinking, and that of the people around us.
  • You will leave with an understanding of the creativity equation and how to build upon it with specific tools that can be applied right away: in your job, your personal life...even in your next workshop.

Workshop 1D and 2D

Topic:         Engagement and Motivation
Facilitator:   Lauren Martin, PHSA


The purpose of the workshop is to show participants how engagement and motivation in the workplace is an essential element in any organization’s success and specifically how it applies in healthcare. Going beyond the traditional view that has been created from the survey, participants will learn what real engagement and motivation looks like, how they can influence it and the impact is has on the bottom line and patient safety. 


By the end of the workshop, participants will:
·           Have a clear understanding of engagement and motivation in the workplace
·           What it is
·           How it shows up
·           Develop an understanding of the neuroscience of engagement and motivation and how that applies in the workplace
·           Understand the impact of engagement and motivation on the bottom line and the effect on patient safety
·           Develop strategies to positively influence engagement and motivation in the workplace.



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