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Day 1 Opening Keynote Address

Jeffrey Simpson

Jeffrey Simpson is the most decorated journalist in Canada. An Officer of the Order of Canada, he also received seven honorary doctorates and numerous national writing awards, including the Governor-General’s Prize and the Donner Prize for the best book on public policy. For 32 years, his national affairs column in The Globe and Mail was essential reading for decision-makers and informed Canadians across the country.

Chronic Condition: Why Canada's Health Care System Needs to Be Dragged Into the 21st Century

Not many people these days are talking sense about health care. Canadians are in love with Medicare, but they don't realize that we spend in the top rank for health care among industrial countries--only to get middling results. While this gap widens between spending and performance, we shovel so much extra money into health care that everything else suffers: education, social services, transport, environment. In this insightful talk, Jefferey Simpson taps into new research to explain the history of Medicare, indicate how it compares internationally, illustrate what it's doing to public finances, and debunk some half-baked ideas for reforming it. Simpson also suggests some big, but doable changes that might achieve our two most important objectives: improve quality and reduce the increase in health care expenses.


Day 2 Opening Keynote Address

Cheryl Cran

Named as one of the top female keynote speakers in North America, Cheryl Cran believes that everyone is a leader AND the future of work requires leaders just like you!

As an internationally renowned consultant and keynote speaker for twenty years, she has worked with hundreds of industries, in dozens of countries and with thousands of audiences worldwide to work with lead­ers on how to more effectively lead in these rapid times of fast paced change, increase innovation capabilities, build enhanced agility for individuals and to ultimately help organizations be adaptive and iconic leaders in their industries.

Cheryl Cran provides leaders and teams change leadership skills to lead with 2020 vision and tools to build the future workplace today.

The Future of Work is Now – Are You Ready? (click on link to download presentation)

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2020? Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, technological innovation and changing workplace dynamics.

Employee engagement, creating leaders for the future, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today.

This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2020.


Day 2 Closing Keynote 

Dr. Dave Hepburn

Considered one of the top “medutainers", Dr. Dave Hepburn is an award-winning syndicated columnist published in more than 100 newspapers across Canada and the U.S. He serves as the medical expert on “Buy.o.logic” airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network Canada. Dr. Dave is also the author of the hilarious “The Doctor Is In(sane)” and co-host of the popular national radio program “Wisequacks".

How to Die an Old Age

Best to avoid doctors, hospitals (and their accountants) by getting younger as you get older. Rather than being swept away by the colossal grey wave coming your way, learn how to play in the fountain of youth and die at 105 years of age in a bungee jumping accident.

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