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Workshops and Concurrent Sessions

Thursday, September 29th

Workshop 1a and 2a

  • Topic:            The Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay – Behind the Scenes
  • Facilitator:    Peter Leveille, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
  • Description:  The cost of a Standard Hospital Stay (CSHS) is one of the most used comparative financial indicators published by CIHI. It involves the combination of MIS and DAD data. This session will delve into the calculation of the numerator of CSHS, and provide participants with the tools to independently calculate this value. In addition, it will demonstrate a breakdown report (by functional centre) that will be available for analytical purposes in the near future.
  • Presentation slides:  Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay.pdf

Workshop 1b and 2b

Workshop 1c and 2c

  • Topic:            Ethics 24/7 for CPAs
  • Facilitator:    Roger Merkosky, CPA, CA
  • Description:  This course will address ethics in the environment of all professional accountants, to help you challenge yourself and your colleagues in making decisions on business ethics by going through scenarios and case studies from the public practice, industry, government and/or not-for-profit sectors. You will also explore the results of recent ethics surveys that are applicable to all business settings. 

    Please bring a current copy of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, as you will be referring to it throughout the session.


Friday, September 30th

Concurrent 1a

  • Topic:            RBC - Economic Update and Outlook
  • Facilitator:    Ken Peacock, Chief Economist and Vice President of the Business Council of BC
  • Presentation slides:  BC Economic Back Drop and Demographics.pdf

Concurrent 1b

  • Topic:            Public Sector Accounting Standards - Hot Topics
  • Facilitator:    Sarah Marsh and Paulina Prokop, PwC
  • Description:  This session will walk through the latest public sector accounting hot topics including upcoming new pronouncements and how they will impact health organizations.

Concurrent 1c

  • Topic:            Improving Access to Primary Care and to Appropriate Surgical Services
  • Facilitator:    Ministry of Health
  • Description:  "Improving Access to Primary Care" and "Improving Access to Appropriate Surgical Services" have been identified by the provincial government and the Ministry of Health as strategic priorities in alignment with "Setting Priorities for the BC Health System - February 2014. The speakers will provide an overview of these strategic priorities as well as information on the current status of implementation.

Concurrent 2a

  • Topic:            Stress the Silent Killer
  • Facilitator:    Penny Jones, Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • Description:  Time to explore the impact stress is having on us as individuals and as communities. Learn strategies that can be used to lessen the negative impact of stress. This presentation is based on knowledge with a splash of humor. The use of stories will help you to understand the key components while fulfilling the grandiose need in Penny to talk about herself and her very "dynamic" family.

Concurrent 2b

  • Topic:            Health Care Trends 
  • Facilitator:    Joyce Drohan, PwC
  • Description:  This session will walk through the trends in healthcare both locally and internationally including the impact of demographic changes, technology, consumer needs, and many more.

Concurrent 2c

  • Topic:            Ten Secrets Your Employees Aren’t Telling You 
  • Facilitator:    Ashleigh Brown, Regional VP for BC, Robert Half Canada
  • Description:  Psst... .Managers, did you know your employees may have concerns they’re not sharing with you? Even at small, tight-knit firms, secrets could exist. Some workers may be dissatisfied and looking to leave the firm, for instance. Others may privately wish they could advance into more significant roles. This presentation will help you uncover secrets your employees may be harbouring and learn how to better gauge the pulse of the office environment. Knowing which issues are of greatest concern to your team will allow you to address them, leading to improved morale, motivation and retention rates. 

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