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Workshops, Concurrent Sessions & Computer Lab

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Workshop 1a and 2a

Topic:  Cost Effective Care is Quality Care: Island Health's Journey to Standardize Costs and Improve Access to Surgical Care
Facilitator:  Norman Peters 
Description:   As part of the BC provincial government strategy to improve access to surgical care, Island Health has been a leader in standardizing the cost per case and using financial data to improve services. Starting in 2014, Island Health has developed a suite of tools that using various financial and performance metrics to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This has resulted in additional surgical cases, reduced cost and more timely care for our patients.

Workshop 1b and 2b

 Topic:  Using CIHI's Financial Tools  
 Facilitator:   Jacqueline Singer, Program Lead, Financial Standards and Information
 Description: This presentation will walk participants through several of the tools available on CIHI’s website. We will start with the publicly available tools including the Patient Cost Estimator, YourHealthSystem website, and Quick Stats. We will also share some of the data in CIHI’s private tools, including CMDB eReports and YHS-Insight (all available to regional health authority personnel). These tools may be used to estimate patient costs, select peer groups, answer specific questions, undertake comparisons with other facilities, RHAs or provinces and many more.

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Workshop 1c and 2c

 Topic:  Ethics - Code Decoded: Evolving Professional Ethical Expectations (*must take both sessions to meet CPA PD requirements)
 Facilitator: Roger Merkosky, CPA, CA
 Description: This course focuses on evaluating current and emerging professional ethical requirements and how they impact decision-making in business while serving employers, clients and the public.

The course begins with a refresher of the Code, then examines in depth a few areas of the Code that are relevant in a wide variety of contexts and can pose challenges requiring significant judgment. Collaborative group activities allow you to explore possible actions and outcomes and to recognize linkages between key ethical requirements.

The course is designed for CPAs who would like a deeper evaluation of the Code. This course builds on your competence in interpreting and applying the CPABC Code of Professional Conduct, and centers on active participation.

Please bring a current copy of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct (hardcopy or electronic) as it will be referred to throughout the course. 

Computer Lab 1d and 2d

 Topic: Excel Tables and Dashboards
 Facilitator:  Frank Byl, Power Concepts Computer Training
 Description:  Learn how to quickly add and check data using Tables. Tables will enable quick searching, filter, totalling, counting and error checking without any formulas required. Then, take that data and create interactive Dashboards allowing end-users to easily filter and interact with data to present it in various graphical configurations.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Concurrent Session 1a and 2a

Topic: Payment Modernization
Facilitator: Mithu Valika - Director, Client Innovation and Partnerships, Enterprise Payments, Royal Bank of Canada
Description: A glimpse into today’s trends and how health authorities and corporations can respond to the opportunity.

Concurrent Session 1b

 Topic: Dear Stress, Let's Break Up
 Facilitator: Penny Jones, Mental Health & Addiction Services
 Description: A workshop to explore the relationship between the brain and stress. Using humour (sometimes inappropriately), Penny Jones investigates the mind/body connection and the impacts of stress on mental health. You will be offered the opportunity to learn self-help strategies which can lead to balance, awareness and “piece” of mind (if you have any left).

Concurrent Session 2b

Topic: Long Term Care  
Facilitator: Suellen Beatty, Eden Alternative Canada

We all want a long and healthy life and for some that requires the support of a long-term care community. The Eden AlternativeĀ® philosophy is the most widely practiced, comprehensive approach dedicated to creating quality of life for people living and working in long term care.

The Eden Alternative seeks to change the paradigm from an institutional medical model to a place where people will want to call home. We recognize that our Elders are dying of loneliness, helpless and boredom and we know it can be different.

Lean initiatives, staff retention and workplace injuries are all areas positively impacted by this philosophy. We offer person-directed principles and practices that support common sense and business sense.

Concurrent Session 1c

 Topic: Getting More Health for your Money: A New Analytical Approach to Improving Population Health and Reducing the Cost of Health and Social Care
 Facilitator: Laura Plant, PwC
 Description: PwC’s total impact methodology measures and values the impact that an organisation has on society. We can analyse a range of different treatments or preventative measures using this methodology and quantify their health benefits to society.

Learn how HICC (Health Improvement Cost Curve) is used to inform decisions on funding for both healthcare treatments and preventative initiatives.

Concurrent Session 2c

Topic: Data Analytics in Finance and Healthcare: Real World Application and Ideas
Facilitator: Courtney Brown & Taron Chatha, PwC

Data analytics enables organizations to examine and compare trends with large volumes of data, track metrics and outliers, and facilitate informed business decisions. Fasten your seat belts for a fast-paced session that will illustrate the following:

  • Payroll - Transforms employee payslips, electronic fund transfer files and master data into meaningful insights that can be used to address specific business risks, value to Finance and areas of non compliance
  • Process Intelligence - Optimize financial operations and risk mitigation by identifying process (Procure to Pay) deviations, end-to-end execution time, and control weaknesses
  • Travel and Entertainment Expenses - Creating transparency where anomalies and non-compliance to policy may exist
  • Billing leakage - Ensure completeness and accuracy for billing and charging all possible codes
  • Cost savings - Duplicate payments, unclaimed sales tax credits, or vendor master quality may lead to heavy cash losses
  • Continuous Monitoring - Develop a continuous monitoring program to provide real time alerts over high-impact areas of value to the organization.

Computer Lab 1d and 2d

Topic: Outlook Strategic Management (*must take both sessions)
Facilitator: Frank Byl, Power Concepts 
Description: Tired of living in your inbox? Maybe you shouldn’t be there. Learn how to create a powerful time management dashboard in Outlook that will show you all that you need to do on one screen and allow you to manage your priorities and schedule. Learn key setting changes in Outlook and a handful of keyboard shortcuts that can eliminate 100”s of mouse clicks per day and keep you more focused on what is most important in your day and better manage and delegate work.

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