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Keynote Speakers 2021

Day 1 Opening Keynote Address (9:15AM - 10:15 AM)

Michelle Cederberg: The Success-Energy Equation

Health & Productivity Expert

How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life, and Really Get Sh!t Done In an age of disengagement, distraction and fatigue exacerbated by the on-going pandemic, how we work and live has been tested. We’re busy, stretched and stressed, and as we process the constant change and uncertainty of it all, it can feel difficult to stay focused, and do our best work. By using the wisdom of science and your own innate common sense, you can combat what Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg calls 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress and tap into a well of energy that will reduce overwhelm and stress in every area of your life. In this thought-provoking session, Cederberg shares research from her new book The Success-Energy Equation that will help you regain focus, recharge your life, and move forward with confidence and positivity, even during these challenging times.

In this high-energy keynote you will: • Get clear on your own definition of success; what really matters to you in work and life, and what drives you to do what you do – especially as we anticipate our post-pandemic lives. • Look at typical barriers that get in the way of success, and how you can effectively navigate them. • Discover four science-backed variables that contribute to higher levels of goal success and overall well-being and how to make them work for you. • Embrace a simple but powerful habit you must do daily to ensure on-going success with everything you do that’s important to you.

Full of hilarious stories, anecdotes and innovative strategies, you’ll leave this session with a renewed sense that it's possible to break free from stress and drive your own success, through the pandemic and beyond. That’s Success-Energy, and it’s a formula worth calculating. This session is based on Michelle’s new book of the same title that debuted as a bestseller October 27th, 2020

Day 2 Opening Keynote Address (9:00AM - 10:00 AM)

Alex Benay: Everything Has Changed: Top Traits of a Digital Leader

KPMG Partner &  Speaker

How you manage your teams, organizations or projects has been fundamentally upended over the past decade. Has your leadership style evolved? The digital revolution has taken a mere decade to creep into every aspect of our lives, and things are now different, forever. One cannot manage today like we managed in the past. COVID has only expedited and made these changes more acute.

This keynote will go over what has actually happened to the workplace during the digital economic transition of the past 5-10 years, and how it changes everything. It will highlight what assumptions you are most likely guilty of as a leader, and what new leadership traits must emerge in order to compete and win in this new digital reality, leaving a top 10 traits of a digital leader for the audience to take home and action. 

Alex Benay is an executive in the global technology sector, as well as a Deputy Minister in government, responsible for some of the country’s most leading edge digital developments of the past decade. He brings his experience to the session, sharing lessons learned and stories from the trenches, connecting with the audience and urging a new type of workplace and leadership for the coming digital age.

Day 2 Closing Keynote Address (1:45PM - 2:30 PM)

Meg SoperMeg Soper, RN: Work-Life Balance? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Motivational Humorist

This presentation brings interactive humor to the subject of resilience, recognizing that finding life balance is a journey – not a destination. Managing all the demands and priorities on our time can prove to be overwhelming.

Meg offers a humorous perspective on the serious matter of dealing with stress and encouraging us to be mindful of how we allocate our mental and physical energy so we can bounce back from change and adversity and find the confidence needed to handle whatever comes our way.

Work-Life Balance? You’ve Got to be Kidding! will inspire, entertain, and leave audience members with strategies to benefit our health and self-confidence, as well as strengthen relationships at work and at home.

Meg has developed this presentation recognizing the challenges facing organizations who must evolve and adapt in an environment of constant change. In her dynamic and engaging style, Meg will share her ideas on how we can use humor, passion and resilience to enhance communication, find more balance and to sustain personal growth even as the lines between our personal and professional lives become ever blurrier. 

Meg Soper has travelled North America sharing powerful insights and strategies for being more effective in our personal and professional lives. Combining her experience as a Registered Nurse with her skill in Stand-Up Comedy, she offers a unique blend of humor and inspirational ideas to connect with her audience, break barriers, and help people ‘Shift Perspective’ to better deal with the challenges they face every day.

Meg invests the time to know her audience and the challenges they face. She has touched the lives of thousands by combining her remarkable sense of humour with a curiosity about people. Her ability to connect has made her one of the country’s leading motivational speakers.

Meg’s diverse content has been shaped by her career as a staff nurse and as an operating room nurse in regional and major urban teaching hospitals. As a health care professional, Meg recognizes the vital role that humor can play in creating a healthier workplace environment, in helping us deal better with stress, and in communicating more effectively.

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