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2022 Annual Conference & AGM

Thursday September 15 & Friday September 16, 2022

Virtual Conference

We're excited to invite you to the 2022 BCFHPS Annual Conference and AGM - both virtual this year! Registration now closed.

Conference Schedule Highlights


  • RBC Welcome and economic overview
  • Day 1 Keynote with Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier
  • Virtual Networking Session
  • Ethics Workshop (register early as space is limited)


  • Day 2 Keynote with Dr. Rumeet Billan
  • BCFHPS Annual General Meeting
  • Closing Keynote with Paul Huschilt

See tentative conference schedule

Registration closed on September 2nd, 2022 at 1pm

Conference Information

Registration Fees

EARLY BIRD FULL DAY FEES (On or before August 26, 2022)
Member ($225.00 + $25.00 Membership Fee + GST) 262.50
Member ($275.00 + $25.00 Membership Fee + GST) 315.00

Earn a maximum of 23 (including Ethics) Professional development credits

Registration closes on September 2nd, 2022 at 1pm. Everyone registered before this date will receive a $30 Door Dash electronic voucher to use and enjoy during the conference or anytime. Further instructions will be provided in the confirmation email sent before the conference.

All funds are in Canadian dollars. Registration fees are inclusive of GST (5%). Member rates are inclusive of your annual membership fee, inclusive of GST.

Member organizations are any Healthcare providers in BC

The member registration rate is applied if you are an employee of a Health Care Provider in BC (publicly funded healthcare services) including Acute, Residential, Community, Mental Health Affiliate member; employed by the Minister of Health; or by an organization providing services to the health care industry.

If you are not a member organization, please contact us.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your registration fees conveniently online with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This is through Paypal.
If you do not have a Paypal account, click the "Pay with credit or Visa debit card" button below the blue Paypal button after you click "Pay Online”.


Request for refunds must be received in writing at as soon as possible. Requests received on or before August 26, 2022 will be refunded in full, less $50 (Canadian) administrative fee. No refunds after September 2, 2022 at 1pm. Changes and substitutions cannot be accommodated after September 2, 1pm.

If you have any questions or concerns about your registration, please send us an email at

2022 Conference Sponsors

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Royal Bank of Canada

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Networking Activity

A chocolatier’s Eggxoneration presented by Sherlock’s Escapes.

An easy investigation of corporate partners at a well known chocolate company. And yet, one partner turns up dead, another is missing, and you find yourself locked in an apartment with the cops on their way. Nothing is as it seems.

This virtual escape room game is a classic “whodunnit”. Working in groups, players are given a case file containing clues and evidence and must listen to the testimony of 9 suspects to find the truth. Players must use critical thinking and teamwork to eliminate suspects. The game plays like an interactive radio drama. Players are given road maps and told the scenario they find themselves in. From there, they must give their host prompts as to what they would like to do. The narrator will then unveil what they discover, as they slowly unravel the case!

More on A Chocolatier's Eggxoneration

How To Use Telescape

Please note that if you would like to participate in this networking activity, you must register for it.

Conference Keynote Speakers

Day 1 Opening Keynote Address

Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier

Beyond positive thinking: Creating your growth mindset

Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier

Leadership and Workplace Mental Health Expert, Psychologist, Advisor, and Speaker

Are your thoughts helping you or making things worse? For many of us, challenging times can bring thoughts that become our own worst enemy.

In this keynote Dr. Marie-Helene challenges assumptions about how much you can influence your thoughts (and support those around you). The mental short-cuts, cognitive distortions and biases that can often derail our plans and intentions can be influenced. If not, these can lead to bad feelings (for you and others), sub-optimal performance, costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Being able to pick-up cognitive biases and untangling unhelpful thoughts result in having more clarity, more creativity, more mental agility.

Day 2 Opening Keynote Address

Dr. Rumeet Billan

Psychological Capital: Today’s Competitive Advantage

Dr. Rumeet Billan

Entrepreneur, learning architect, speaker, author and humanitarian

Resilience is a powerful skill that can be developed. It is the ability to bounce back from obstacles and setbacks to achieve higher levels of performance. It requires developing positive adaptation processes to help overcome the challenges that we face and the use of positive experiences to build confidence in our strengths and abilities. It also involves interventions that support and develop self-trust, objective reasoning, perseverance and possibility thinking. Research shows that these capabilities can be learned. This session focuses on how we can develop strategies to build our resilience by examining the capabilities of psychological capital and improve the experiences that we have to navigate the change we experience and reach our full potential.

Day 2 Closing Keynote

Paul Huschilt

Humour, Resilience & Change

Paul Huschilt

Speaker and storyteller

Let’s step back and reset as the world starts to return to normal. As Financial Healthcare Professionals, we have always faced stress - urgent demands, constant change, and a never ending stream of pressures and responsibilities. That was before. Now that stress is off the scale. Humour Resilience & Change gives us tips to help with strategies for our own well-being through these unusual times.

Paul Huschilt, Professional Speaker and Humour and Wellness Expert, will make us laugh and help us with ways to create a new relationship with stress and our own resilience. He will share his techniques on how to get the most out of life, keep the tides of change in perspective, and smile through just about anything as we reinvent normal. You will laugh while you learn and you may even find yourself singing at your desk.

View our Keynote speakers' complete information

Workshops and Concurrent Sessions

Workshop Topics

  • CIHI – post Covid hospital spending report
  • RBC
  • Ethics

Concurrent Session Topics

  • Office 365 Implementation Plan
  • RBC
  • PwC
See tentative 2022 conference schedule

Computer Labs

Frank Byl

Frank Byl

Certified Microsoft Master Instructor

Frank has helped thousands of clients to hone their computer skills. He has previously taught OneNote as well as Excel classes at previous BCFHPS Conferences. Network with other professionals and learn tricks to maximize your and your employer's productivity + systems.

Join Frank in these computer lab sessions:

Collaborating with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner

Sept 15, 12:30 - 2:15pm

Microsoft Teams is so much more than just a way to virtually meet. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn many of the tools that are built into teams, how to set them up and organize them, set up permissions within the team and then how to collaborate on a project. This is a powerful way to manage work for people that must wear several hats, work with different groups on multiple projects. You’ll learn to simplify work, reduce the number of emails, clarify expectations, and move projects ahead in clear incremental steps.

Creating a Personal Self-Management Dashboard in Outlook

Sept 15, 2:30 - 4:15pm

Outlook is the Grand Central Station of most people’s work life. It’s opened first thing in the morning and closed last thing at the end of the day. New emails are a constant distraction throughout the day, and this can get in the way of the “real work”.
Learn how to stop living in your Inbox and set up a customized dashboard that will let you see everything you need to get done. List all your important emails in a clear, prioritized fashion that puts you in control of not only your day - but your week and months ahead. Learn to make realistic commitments and how to delegate work elsewhere.

Effectively Managing Meetings with Microsoft OneNote

Sept 16, 10:15 - 11:15am

If you are part of a team that meets on a regular basis, you may be acquainted with the many emails required to accomplish the following; How do we organize and confirm an agenda? Did the minutes reflect what was “agreed” upon at the meeting? And how are we navigating the pain of managing the action items that come out of these meetings? These pains are only multiplied when you are part of multiple teams and meetings. Finding past minutes, setting SMART goals, and managing short term goals for the entire team can be challenging.

Using OneNote, and understanding OneNote’s integration with Outlook, will dramatically simplify and empower how your team works together to create the agenda, clarify the minutes, and manage action items. The necessity and benefit of this is compounded when so many of our meetings have some if not all participants remotely connected; but, still needing to be fully engaged in the meeting. Learn why so many organizations have adopted OneNote as a standard for managing effective meetings.

See tentative 2022 conference schedule

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