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Workshops, Concurrent Sessions & Computer Lab

Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019

Workshop 1a

Topic:  Artificial Intelligence
Facilitator:  Thomas Staven, Corporate Product Management, Unit 4
Description:   Business applications are changing, fast. Technologies like AI and Machine Learning fuel innovation and will rapidly transform how organizations manage their internal business processes. We’ll explore how menial, time-consuming tasks will, in the future, be fully automated. The experience of using business apps will feel more personal and pleasant, enabling people to work smarter and spend more time on fulfilling work that delivers outcomes and personal reward. 

Workshop 2a

 Topic:  Connected Health
 Facilitator:   Austin Awes, VP, Healthcare Interoperability, Infor
 Description: As an industry, our mission is to connect all members of our communities to deliver the best possible care. Infor sees itself as part of the equation to deliver on the overall mission of all healthcare organizations as they strive to control costs, reduce waste and optimize resources — all while enhancing the patient experience. Technology helps make this easier and more strategic.

Workshop 1b and 2b

 Topic:  Project Management 101
 Facilitator: Jesse Priseman

As an IT and Biomedical Engineering project manager for three major hospital projects in northern British Columbia and over 10 years experience in project management, Jesse Priseman provides a place to start - defining project scope, developing communication plans, and identifying risks. Join us for a hands on project management workshop and acquire some simple tips and tricks to set your project in motion.

Workshop 1c and 2c

 Topic:  Ethics - Code Decoded: Evolving Professional Ethical Expectations (*must take both sessions to meet CPA PD requirements)
 Facilitator: Roger Merkosky (*Section FULL*) or Wendy Doyle (Accepting registrations; we are offering 2 sessions because of demand)

This course focuses on evaluating current and emerging professional ethical requirements and how they impact decision-making in business while serving employers, clients and the public.

The course begins with a refresher of the Code, then examines in depth a few areas of the Code that are relevant in a wide variety of contexts and can pose challenges requiring significant judgment. Collaborative group activities allow you to explore possible actions and outcomes and to recognize linkages between key ethical requirements.

The course is designed for CPAs who would like a deeper evaluation of the Code. This course builds on your competence in interpreting and applying the CPABC Code of Professional Conduct, and centers on active participation.

Please bring a current copy of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct (hardcopy or electronic) as it will be referred to throughout the course.

Register for morning and afternoon with the same facilitator. 

NOTE: We may open a 1d and 2d if demand necessitates. 

Computer Lab 1d 

 Topic: Advanced Power Query
 Facilitator:  Frank Byl
 Description:  Excel Power Query is a new and powerful feature in Excel that is very useful for automating the appending or updating of data. The data then moves into Pivot Tables, charts or reports. This does require that people are already confident with Excel Pivot Tables and functions like VLookup. For a confident user of Excel this can save many hours of tedious repetitive work every month. A more basic user of Excel might find this workshop challenging.

** 50 participants working in partners on 50 computers

Computer Lab 2d

 Topic: Excel's Top 10 Functions for Accounting
 Facilitator:  Frank Byl

Learn the ten most useful functions for working through typical accounting data and questions. Each function will be demonstrated and then an accounting related challenge will be presented with a time limit for completion. Participants will work with a partner to find the correct solution. In a game like environment, participants will post the answer and then the correct method and answer will be provided before moving on to the next question. It will be a fun filled, interactive and challenging workshop. Participants will be provided with step by step instructions to all the problems at the conclusion of the seminar.

** 50 participants working in partners on 50 computers

Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Opening Remarks

Topic: Opening Remarks
Facilitator: Curtis Campbell, Vice President, Indigenous Markets and Public Sector/Not-for-Profit, Commercial Financial Services – B.C. Region, RBC Royal Bank
Description: Research shows that diverse organizations experience better outcomes to their work and mission.  Many organizations feature ostensible commitments to Diversity and Inclusion.  How do we ensure the principle tenants of Diversity and Inclusion are valued in our workplaces?

Concurrent Session 1a and 2a

Topic: Wills & Estate Planning 101

Trevor O’Reilly, CFA, RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel Inc., and Simi Dosanjh, LL.B, Will & Estate Consultant, RBC Wealth Management


Have you dusted off your will recently? Are you comfortable with your current estate plan if something were to happen to you? If not, you are not alone. This session will cover the most important things that you should consider when it comes to wills and estate planning. We will cover various topics and issues, such as: Wills, Incapacity Planning, Executors, Probate and other exciting estate planning topics.

2019 Handout PDF>>

Concurrent Session 1b

 Topic: Public Health Impacts in BC and Canada of the Legalization of Cannabis
 Facilitator: Dr. MJ Milloy

The legalization and regulation of cannabis production, distribution and sale for non-medical use by adults is the largest change in government policy towards psychoactive substances in decades. Unlike many jurisdictions that have legalized cannabis in the United States, Canadian policymakers linked legalization to several public health benefits, including lower rates of cannabis use by youth. In this session, Dr. Milloy will outline a set of 28 measures to evaluate the public health impacts of cannabis legalization, and summarize the preliminary evidence on the effects of legalization on public health.

Concurrent Session 2b

Topic: Is Cannabis a Useful Intervention to Address the Opioid Overdose Crisis?
Facilitator: Dr. MJ Milloy

British Columbia is experiencing a public health crisis caused by deaths from drug overdoses. Last year was the fourth consecutive year of unprecedented numbers of overdose deaths in the province, underlining calls for new approaches to prevent overdose mortality. Preliminary research from the United States has raised the possibility that cannabis might have a beneficial role to play in addressing the overdose crisis. In Vancouver, studies from three ongoing prospective cohorts of people who use illicit drugs at high risk of overdose have found beneficial associations between frequent cannabis use and drug-related harms. In this session, Dr. Milloy will summarize the overdose crisis and its causes and outline preliminary evidence for cannabis as an intervention to address the opioid overdose crisis.

Concurrent Session 1c

 Topic: Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS)

Karen Sawatsky, Partner; Paulina Prokop, Director, PwC

 Description: A quick technical update, plus some case studies on common accounting challenges in the health sector.

Concurrent Session 2c


Indirect Tax


James Capobianco, Partner; Matt Beck, Senior Manager, PwC


There are many technical challenges in the healthcare setting regarding GST. A detailed presentation on options for indirect tax treatment for hospitals/healthcare.

2019 Handout PDF>>


Computer Lab 1d and 2d

Topic: Creating Reports in Word (Linking Excel files and PowerPoint presentations)
Facilitator: Frank Byl

This workshop will primarily focus on the use of Word and guide participants through time saving shortcuts for selecting, navigating and formatting and create professional looking business documents such as letters, forms, and newsletters in a fraction of the time. After creating documents participants will learn how to work through various options of pasting, embedding or linking Excel documents to Word reports.

Following the work in Word, participant will learn how to apply many of the same tools in PowerPoint and then how to paste, embed or link Excel data into PowerPoint. In addition, participants will learn how to animate data and charts so that the presentation of the data is much clearer and more focused.

** This session can accommodate up to 50 participants

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